What is Crime Stoppers?
Crime Stoppers is a partnership with the media, community and law enforcement to fight crime by furnishing a cash reward to an anonymous person who telephones the tip line with information which leads to the arrest of individuals for felony crimes. Each week the area news media gives special treatment in publishing and broadcasting details on the "Crime of the Week".

How does Crime Stoppers Work?
When you call the Crime Stoppers line 780-1000, you give your information anonymously and then you will be assigned a special code number. This code umber is how you will identify yourself in all future dealings with Crime Stoppers.

Will I have to testify in court?
No. You will remain anonymous and no one will know your identity.

Are Crime Stoppers calls recorded?
No. To ensure anonymity the calls to Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers are not recorded or monitored.

Could Caller ID identify me?
No. The Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers tip line does not have caller ID, once again to ensure the caller is not identified.

Who qualifies for a reward?
Only if information goes through Crime Stoppers can a person be considered for reward. If the information leads to an arrest a reward up to $1000 may be recommended.

Does the reward have to be reported as taxable income?
Once again, the caller remains anonymous through the entire process. The reward is paid in cash and the code number identifies the recipient. Law enforcement is not involved in the reward payment.

Who operates Crime Stoppers?
The Board of Directors consists of concerned citizens representing the City of Richmond, and the Counties of Caroline, Charles City, Goochland, Henrico, Hanover and New Kent. The Board oversees the operation of the program and approves rewards to be paid.

Who pays for the rewards?
Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers is funded solely by private, tax-deductible donations from the community including businesses, corporations, clubs associations and initials. No tax monies are used.

    Donations can be made to:
    Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers
    5101 Monument Avenue
    Richmond, VA 23230

How will I know if I am getting a reward?
You need to call Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers after a few weeks and furnish your code number for the information on your case.

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